My Story

My name is Elizabeth Elenor and I'm on a mission to empower people to raise their vibration,
so they are guided by their OWN intuition and live a fulfilled life!

You know when you’ve had a feeling inside of you but at first just didn’t know exactly WHAT it was?

It took me years of major life challenges that I processed, released and healed to realise I was on the road less travelled (give me a thumbs up if you know that road well!) and that I was here to guide people on their own road...
By releasing old patterns! Patterns of self-doubt, criticism, and fear.

What that looked like took me through a journey of self-discovery for over 20 years and counting!

From spiritual awakening without a guide, 7 years of past life regressions releasing my OWN old patterns
to moving into supporting others on their own journey.

Today, I truly believe that everyone has the ability to read energy and shift blocks, it's not a talent or gift...
It's a skill that can be developed.

Part of my business is taking people through that process of discovery and showing them
the tools to release the past and find more light in the present.

I really love living my passion and I’m looking forward to sharing tips.

Keep shining brightly and I look forward to getting to know you!

What clients have to say?


I am on a mission

to support women to truly discover their inner wisdom and divine nature. 

Inside every one of us, is a radiant woman ready to shine her light on the world; to navigate her reality according to her own terms and dance life like no one is watching. 

Inside each one of us is the rhythm of the Earth... waiting for us to connect back in and move in harmony as an empowered being. 

This is my mission... to remind YOU who you already are.