Wild Leadership Programs

by Elizabeth Elenor, the Intuitive Warrior


All courses and strategies are designed to break out of old limiting beliefs and anchor in a new truth of who you are,
how to show up intuitively in each moment and follow that intuition and higher calling in your life,
to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, to actually create goals that become a reality!!

Conscious Creator


Are You Ready To Become The Predominant Creative Force
In Your Life Personally And Professionally?

This flagship course is designed to shift your focus from problem-solving to creating what you love, build confidence, self-worth, and an empowered vision of your future, and a lot more!

Discover the ease that comes with dissolving old patterns, and naturally becoming YOU (maybe for the first time in your life!)

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Awaken the Lioness Mastermind


Can you feel the call of something deep inside yearning to be explored
and be seen?

Discover your true nature and how to connect with your Higher Intuition.

This course takes women through a process of discovering their innate and untamed nature so they have a higher understanding of themselves and their intuition.

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Are you ready for more and better clients and relationships???
Ready to combine your vision with releasing your current reality limitations?

We help high vibe women entrepreneurs, coaches, career focused leaders and experts
to align with all their dreams in their personal and professional life and create magic!

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