Improve your Communication in Relationships without people pleasing tactics by owning your self-authority


Let go of the "good girl" role and embrace self-authority by releasing triggers and creating stronger boundaries 

When you step into

Awaken The Lioness

You'll discover your natural alignment with your own energy, thoughts, and beliefs
Bring awareness to what YOU believe, rather than what you've been TOLD to believe
Release what doesn't serve and uncover your internal values
Uncover your true self to create relationships with genuine compatibility

"Do what you're told and don't ask questions"

Growing up as the good girl didn't create an ideal environment for becoming an empowered woman.

Felt conditioned to do for others and not trust my own thoughts. 

Found myself in a 10-year-long emotionally dysfunctional relationship. Stayed because  didn't know any better... 

Having children was the catalyst for change

Woke up and realized that I needed to do better... 

For them and for myself. 

Discovering energy
and how it works
transformed everything

Created a signature process to identify and clear triggers called "The 3 Powers."

To guide you as you track your energy, manage emotions, and become comfortable with your own internal truth so that you can create self-authority... 

And the confidence to create stronger boundaries.


With The 3 Powers, you align with yourself and allow true relationships flow seamlessly into your life...

Power, Powerless, and Empowerment energy meant that I could easily identify my focal point - w
hich is exactly what I teach my clients inside my programs now.

No more second guessing!

When you are an empowered woman, you trust yourself and lead with confidence.

Using this process helped me feel comfortable with me.

Realized that I'd created a story in my head 
that change was scary.

What was even scarier
was staying the same.

My clients use this process too....

Like Bec, who became empowered enough to write an email to her ex-partner and speak her truth from a calm place instead of being reactive.


 Frequently Asked Questions 

Uncover your self-authority and

Awaken the Lioness within

This program is for heart-centred women who are becoming more aware of their people pleasing tendencies and ready to take back their power.

No people pleasing
No more settling for less
No more denying your own desires

Just showing up as your true self owning your authority with a calm, confident inner knowing.